Superimposing RF Transmission

June 1st, 2012  |  Published in Research

Superimposing codes can be used for a variety of applications in sensor network communication. One of the earliest applications was precise time synchronization of sensor nodes and channel access negotiation in AwareCon. More advances applications are using superimposed codes for ultra-fast ultra power-saving transmission of information – up to 1000 times faster than with traditional approaches. This builds the basis for novel ultra-minimized RF protocols, e.g. for novel types of RFID systems. It can also be used to extend reachability in sensor nodes (cooperative transmission) or using the radio channel to process information.

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Research Topics:

Modulation schemes, superimposing radio waves, collaborative communication, inference modeling, radio propagation models, probabilistic estimation of data transmission, novel MAC protocols, minimal RF hardware design

Application and economic dissemination:

basis for real time RF protocol (CoBIs, AwareCon, …)


LoCostix, CoBIs, RELATE

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