Software Campus: PreTIGA

July 15th, 2014  |  Published in Research

The Software Campus project PreTIGA is about optimizing player experience in game environments based on a generalizable model.
The objectives are to build a game model generalizable to diverse game environments as a foundation to predict situations of interest like a decrease in fun or the drop-out of players and to proactively prevent such situation.
Prevention is envisioned by introduction of personalized services guiding individual players, like for instance quests or in-game recommendations.
This allows for a continuous and directed fun avoiding undesired situation like a drop-out or even incenting players to spend more resources on gamified tasks.
The methods we develop in the context of this project are based on big telemetry data describing the behavior of players. For the interactive exploration of this big data, innovative in-memory database technology is used.




  • 02/2014 – 12/2014


  • SAP AG

Research topics:

  • Game Analytics, Gamification, Big Data, Personalization, Predictive Analytics



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