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February 16th, 2023  |  Published in Research

Startup Radar

Startup Radar is an advanced Startup Scouting System for Benchmarking & Tech Due Diligence. The system utilizes publicly available information to offer valuable insights into the tech startup ecosystem, including traditionally overlooked markets, such as women-led startups. It aims to level the playing field for investors, end-users, and clients, especially for those, such as angels and early-stage VCs, who may not have the resources to engage in manual-intensive due diligence like Private Equity firms. As part of the project, Startup Radar develops biz2vec embeddings to discover similar startups based on textual information. The SDIL (TECO) supports the development by providing guidance and developing tools to help explain recommendations to non-technical users as well as carrying out part of a user-experience experiment.

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