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The eSeal concept researches how to extend the concept of seals to general objects using Ubiquitous Computing technology. It identifies which additional threads can be detected using an electronic seal an implements several prototype seals. A major implementation path of eSeal was the DigiClip. The DigiClip system allows the tracking, synchronization and and integrity control of paper-based documents with their electronic counterparts. Particles were integrated in a paper clip and allowed to obtain location information for a document. In conjunction with a document management system, the DigiClip device enabled a physical notification of changes of the electronic document. The sensors of the DigiClip device allow further the application of integrity rules on the physical document, such as document integrity on a single page-level, handling constraints and location restrictions. The DigiClip device hardware was built by the Adam Eames from MIT who did an internship at SAP at this time.

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Novel sensor hardware, Novel sensor recognition software, sensor nodes, Enterprise systems to sensor network integration

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Prototype, application tests



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